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Carbon and Sulfur Analysers

ELTRA®analysers are designed for the rapid simultaneous determination of Carbon and Sulfur in a wide variety of materials, both organic and inorganic.

CS-i: Accurate and fast analysis of Carbon & Sulfur by high efficiency induction furnace and IR detection, giving full analytical range for a wide range of inorganic samples.  The user-friendly software allows analysis, full calibration and access to a wide selection of diagnostic functions - all at the touch of a button. A furnace auto-cleaner comes standard with the instrument and is available with 36 and 130 position autoloaders for long unattended analysis.

CS580: Fast analysis of Carbon & Sulfur by resistance furnace and wide range IR detection, giving accurate results across a full range of organic samples. The instrument is ideal for coal, oil, plant materials and soil analysis. With a simple and robust horizontal furnace design, operating costs are kept to the absolute minimum. 

CS580A: Designed for the rapid determination of Carbon & Sulfur in organic materials such as coal, coke, oil, limestone and glass - the CS580A has been designed with a high efficiency vertical resistance furnace to allow an optional 36 or 130 position autoloader to be attached for long unattended analysis. With wide range IR cells, accurate and fast measurements are taken across the range. An optional TIC module is capable of differentiating between TIC (Total Inorganic Carbon) and TC (Total Carbon), an important test for many environmental testign laboratories. 

CS-d: Simply the best of both worlds, the CS-d incorporates an induction furnace for inorganic samples and a resistance furnace for organic samples. This instrument is capable of handling the widest range of samples of any analyser currently available. Wide range infrared cells give accurate and fast results, makign the instrument ideal for laboratories dealign with unknown or wide ranging samples. There is no longer any need to buy 2 instruments for these camples with the ELTRA CSd can handle them all!