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SC-800 Surface Carbon Determinator

SC-800 Surface Carbon Determinator

 The SC-800 is designed for the rapid, accurate determination of surface carbon on copper, steel, metals and alloys, ceramics, glass, etc. The detection method is infrared absorption of CO2. The SC-800 can be supplied with two independent infrared cells.

The sensitivity of these cells can be customized to meet specific requirements. The IR-absorption path lengths can be individually selected to offer optimum precision for the analysis of high and low levels of carbon. 

The SC-800 features a microcontroller, a high temperature resistance furnace and solid state infrared detectors with auto zero and auto range control.



  • Combustion tubes end seal is designed to prevents the ingress of atmosphere.
  • PC controlled
  • Electronic gas flow control
  • Oxygen saving feedback flow
  • Modular design