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 The Thermostep is a multi sample Automatic Thermogravimetric Analyser for determining weight loss in an inert or oxidizing atmosphere. Weight loss at various temperatures and atmospheres can be carried out on coal, limestone, ceramics, plant tissues, foods, plastics etc.



  • Furnace 50 – 1000°C with 1°C resolution. Up to 19 samples can be run in a single program. Analysis parameters can be programmed for each stage of the application via the Uni software. Variables for each step are temperature, furnace ramp rate, phase time or zero weight loss.
  • An inert or oxidizing atmosphere can be selected for each step.
  • Balance with 0.0001 gram sensitivity, adapted for high temperatures.
  • 2 Carousels, 20 crucibles and 20 lids. One crucible is used as a reference crucible.
  • PC with software, keyboard and mouse.
  • Cables and accessories.