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Elementrac Oxygen, Nitrogen & Hydrogen Analyser

Elementrac Oxygen, Nitrogen & Hydrogen Analyser

·       The Elementrac is designed for the rapid and accurate determination of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen in copper, steel, cast iron, alloys, zirconium, titanium, molybdenum, nickel, ceramics and other inorganic materials.

The Elementrac can be supplied with two independent infrared cells to provide optimum precision for the analysis of high and low levels of oxygen. Nitrogen and hydrogen are detected with a dual range thermal conductivity cell. The changeover from the low to high levels is done automatically during the analysis and does not require any pre-setting by the operator. 

The Elementrac ONH can alternatively operate as a simultaneous oxygen & nitrogen Analyser or as a hydrogen analyser. The changing from O/N to H mode and reverse is done via software which switches solenoid valves. Schutze Reagent is used convert CO to CO2
 when analysing for hydrogen, while for O/N operation heated RARE EARTH COPPER OXIDE (600°C) is used as the catalyst

.ELEMENTS software with intergrated leak test and comprehensive diagnostic tools 

The Elementrac ONH features closed loop carrier gas system, microcontroller and solid state infrared detectors with auto zero and auto range control.




 Oxygen, Nitrogen and Hydrogen analysis with one instrument.

·        Total and fractional analysis for oxides and nitrides separation.

·        Easy to replace economic upper electrode insert.

·        Due to graphite tip the hot zone at the crucible’s bottom isn't affected by the cooling effect associated with metal crucible tips. This allows for higher crucible temperatures (>3300°C) enabling nitrogen analysis in refractory materials, such as Titanium etc.

·        PC controlled via microcontroller electronics.

·        High temperature electrode impulse furnace with temperature exceeding 3300° C

·        Elements software.

·        Leak test.

·        Comprehensive diagnostic tools.

·        Standards Compliance: ASTM E-1019, E-1587,E-1409, E-1569, E-1447, E-1937