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Carbon and Sulphur Analysers

CS-580 Carbon / Sulfur Determinator

The CS 580 is designed for the simultaneous Analysis of Carbon and Sulphur in Coal, Coke, Oil, Ash, Catalysts, Lime, Soot, Tobacco, Gypsum, Soils, Rubber, Leaves, Waste, Sand, Glass and many other Organic materials.

The Analyser is computer controlled by the Uni software with communication via a micro-controller interface. A tube furnace capable of tempteratures of up to 1550c combusts the sample in an oxygen atmosphere. The Carbon forms CO2 and the Sulphur forms SO2. Solid state infrared detectors quantify the volume of CO2 and SO2 released from the sample. This data is related to the weight of the sample to calulate the Carbon and Sulphur result.

  • Simultaneous Carbon and Sulphur Analysis.
  • High sample weight (up to 500 mg coal samples)
  • High temperature Furnace up to 1550°c, giving complete Sulphur analysis.
  • Short analysis duration (90 seconds for coal).
  • Up to four infrared cells.
  • Infrared paths made of gold.
  • No halogen trap required.
  • PC controlled via microcontroller.
  • Electronic gas flow control.
  • Modular Design
  • Standards compliance : ISO-10694, ASTM E1915-97, D-1552, D-4239, D-5016, D-1619, DIN EN13137, PN-93 G-04514/17