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Sci-Lab Analytical Ltd. was formed in January 1993 by Alan Piercy and Bob Elliott. The objective was to supply services to laboratories which use combustion techniques for the analysis of the major elements: Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Sulfur (CHNOS).

To this end, Sci-Labs operations now consist of 3 primary business lines:

  • ELTRA® combustion analyser equipment sales;
  • Service and Repair of ELTRA Combustion Analyser as well as a wide range of LECO® Analysers;
  • Sale of Consumables and Spares for all brands of combustion analyzers, plus fluxes for XRF sample preparation.


At the time of inception, Sci-Lab formed an exclusive association to market laboratory elemental analysers manufactured by ELTRA® Germany. ELTRA manufactures CHNOS analysers that can be configured for specific analysis needs and are commonly used in the aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, metal casting, and mining industries. Since that time, Sci-Lab has equipped hundreds of businesses throughout the UK with various ELTRA instruments and remains the exclusive UK dealer for ELTRA analysers. Sci-Lab has always endeavored to supply excellent service in both the marketing and technical support of ELTRA products and to offer the highest value for customers. In the interest of serving customers well, in 1994 an association was formed with Alpha Resources LLC (Stevensville, Michigan, USA) . Alpha Resources is the leading manufacturer of OEM quality after-market consumable supplies used for elemental analysis. For more than a decade, Sci-Lab Analytical has been recognized as the world-wide number one Alpha Resources agent due to staff expertise and company sales.


Customer Success

At Sci-lab, we believe the success of our customers is our success. We are delighted to share their stories with you.



Sci-Lab is accredited to ISO 9001:2015. Additionally we sell a variety of inorganic CRMs which are also certified. Read on for details.



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Sci-Lab is based close to the historic City of Chester in a rural barn conversion upgraded to meet the modern requirements of high technology offices and demonstration laboratories. Click for access to complete directions.


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