May 2022 - Alpha Resources® featured in Spectroscopy podcast. Why use CRMs for organic analysis in atomic spectroscopy? (Click to listen)

December 2021 - Sci-Lab Analytical showcases all 2021 releases from ELTRA®. (Click to read announcement)

October 2021 - ELTRA® releases ELEMENTRAC CS-r and CHS-r. Both are powerful combustion analysers for the measurement of carbon, hydrogen, and sulfur for organic samples like fuels, and soils as well as inorganic samples like ores. This ceramic furnace has temperatures up to 1550 C°; new for this product is a low blank sample port with XXL balcony.

May 2021 - Sci-Lab Analytical installs the ELTRA® TGA Thermostep at the Automotive Composites Research Centre (ACRC) at the University of Warwick. (Click to read more)

April 2021 - Alpha Resources' CRM quality featured in Lab Manager magazine. Sci-Lab is proud to be the exclusive distributor for Alpha Resources® in the UK.  (Click to read article)

October 2020 - Alpha Resources releases first Iconel CRM. Inconel alloys, based on nickel and chromium, are considered “super alloys” due to their exceptional high-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. (Click to read more)