Service - LECO® Analysers

Sci-Lab's Chester-based, UK team of knowledgable service engineers has years of practical experience with analyzers of all types. From prior employment, several of Sci-Lab service technicians have extensive practical repair and service experience with LECO® analysers. Working with Sci-Lab, you get the benefit of their skill and training coupled with the convenience of UK-based service.

We offer support over the internet or via telephone with our UK-based team of service engineers. If your analyser requires in-person support within the UK, we are happy to come to your facility. Your service support starts with a phone call to our skilled service team; please be prepared to share the make and model of your LECO equipment, as well as your issue so we can determine how we can help.

Sci-Lab Analytical offers on-time emergency repair or a convenient maintenance contract which can help with budget planning. You can be assured of quality repairs throughout the lifecycle of your analyser, ensuring that you get the most from your lab investment.


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