Metals & Engineering Applications

Analysers play an important role in the reliable elemental analysis of CHNOS content in metals, both ferrous and non-ferrous. Quality control is often critical to finished product. ELTRA® has over 30 years of experience in the provision of elemental analyzers for the determination of C, S and N, O, H in a wide variety of materials and qualities whether for large sample pieces or metal powder, protection from embrittlement, or other quality control criteria.

Several analysers have been specially optimised for the in-process analyses and quality control of steel and cast iron. After each step in the production process (blast furnace, converter, and finishing) the determination of the C, H, N, S, O content is required for quality control. We can help you find the right analyser for your needs.

Customer Example

If you would like to learn more about a customer analysing metal powder for additive manufacturing, click here to read. 

ELEMENTRAC ONH‑p 2 Oxygen / Nitrogen / Hydrogen Analyzer 

  • Elements: oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen
  • Samples: inorganic

The new ELEMENTRAC ONH-p 2 is a powerful and robust elemental analyzer for measurement of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen concentrations in inorganic materials like steel, iron, copper or ceramics. The highly sensitive NDIR and thermal conductivity detectors reliably detect element concentrations from low ppm content to high percentages.

The innovative sample port system with pulsed chamber rinsing and vertical sample drop allow for user-friendly and comfortable analysis of rod-shaped, granular or powdery samples with a weight of up to 2 grams.

The ELEMENTRAC ONH-p 2 elemental analyzer meets or exceeds the requirements of all relevant international standards such as ASTM E 1019 or DIN EN 3976.

Carbon / Sulfur Analyzer ELEMENTRAC CS‑i

  • Elements: carbon, sulfur
  • Samples: inorganic
  • Autoloader: optional

The elemental analyzer ELEMENTRAC CS-i measures the carbon and sulfur concentration in predominantly inorganic samples through combustion in an induction furnace and the subsequent analysis of the gaseous combustion products carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide.

The ELEMENTRAC CS-i meets and exceeds the requirements of all common standards for carbon and sulfur measurement, such as ASTM E1019, DIN EN ISO 153

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