Whatever your analysis needs, we have an ELTRA® analyser option for you. ELTRA elemental analysers are used in many industries for production, quality control, R&D, and contract analysis.

As the UK's exclusive dealer for ELTRA analysers for more than 20 years, our team has the application expertise to help you select and configure the ideal analyser for your application. With the expert assistance of our application specialists, you can choose the features that you need without payinf for those that you don't.   

ELTRA analysers provide repeatable and accurate results you can trust.  The industries we serve include:


Metals & Engineering

During each phase of metal production, the precise determination of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and sulfur is essential for quality and process control. From the blast furnace, producing pig iron from iron ore, coke, and lime, to the converter where scrap metal and, if required, more lime is added, accurate elemental control is of the utmost importance. With an ELTRA analyser, process control can be at your fingertips.


Energy and Fuels
Energy & Fuels

Several ELTRA analysers have been especially optimized for fuel and energy applications. These analysers play an important role in the reliable elemental analysis of coal, coke, bio fuels, secondary fuels and oils where the effective calorific value of fuels depends on thier respective carbon and hydrogen content or when an economical solution for carbon and sulfur analysis of fly ash, gypsum, coal or coke is needed.


Mining and Cement
Mining & Cement

In the mining industry, rocks, ores, and coal have special requirements for elemental analysis in different stages of the process. ELTRA has optimized several analysers for this use, drawing on more than three decades of quality control experience in the cement industry. ELTRA analysers are used at all process stages of cement manufacturing: mining and crushing of raw materials (limestone, clay, and sand), drying and grinding in a mill, burning in a rotary tube furnace and pulverization of the cement.


Academia and R&D
Academia / R&D

Research is the backbone to exploring the desired properties of various materials - elasticity or embrittlement protection, for example - through elemental analysis. Rigerous testing and comprehensive quality control start with determining the carbon, sulfur, nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen content in materials such as metals and ceramics. ELTRA has more than 30 years experience in the construction of elemental analysers used for research applications.


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The Right Setup

Hundreds of satisfied customers in the UK and Ireland are proof of the quality and reliability of the ELTRA® analysers as well as a testament to the Sci-Lab team's dedication to both finding the most efficient analyser set-up for customers' needs.


After Sales Service

Sci-Lab also provides servicing and spares for both ELTRA® combustion analysers and a wide range of LECO® analysers. In addition, we offer a full range of consumable products for all brands of combustion analysers and Claisse fluxes for XRF sample preparation.